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ETI Information Services Ltd
ETI Information Sevices is the first stop for biodiversity multimedia. We were established in October 2001 to market and distribute all CD-ROMs and DVDs published by ETI. Now with customers in over 40 countries, the remit has expanded to include authoritative titles from any publisher.

ETI Information Services Ltd is a subsidiary of ETI Bioinformatics, a not-for-profit Foundation of the University of Amsterdam. The ETI Biodiversity Centre was set up in 1991 with support from the Netherlands Government and UNESCO to make authoritative biodiversity information accessible to the general public by using information technology.

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Ganesha Bookshop
Extensive book catalogue on Bali and Indonesia as well as contemporary and traditional Indonesian music.
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Hellenic Bookservice
The Hellenic Bookservice is, to the best of our knowledge, the largest Greek bookshop in the world. We cover every subject of the Greek world from proto-historic to modern times as well as peripheral subjects such as Latin, Roman history and the Ottoman Empire. We supply classics and ancient history to 500 schools nationwide, classics and Modern Greek books to nearly 200 libraries and universities worldwide as well as thousands of individual customers.
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Indian Ocean Books, Maps & Prints
Indian Ocean Books, Maps & Prints specializes in used and antiquarian materials from and about Indian Ocean islands and the countries of the Indian Ocean Rim. We do business both via our catalogues and through our website.
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Institute of Island Studies
A research, education and public policy institute based at the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada, which publishes a wide range of books, reports and other materials which can be ordered online.
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Island Bookfair
Jacques Bayle-Ottenheim is the organiser of an annual international island bookfair on the French island of Ouessant. Taking place over several days, this fair features stands of publishers and bookstores all of whom support and promote island literature. His website also contains detailed bibliographies on a whole range of island book themes.
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Island Press
Island Press communicates ideas essential to solving local and global environmental problems. We do this by publishing, marketing, and disseminating books, conducting educational outreach campaigns, convening leading thinkers and activists, and utilizing new digital technology. Our goal is to ensure that those working to protect biological diversity and ecosystems services, encourage sustainability of the natural resource base, and promote and protect human health and the quality of life receive the best multidisciplinary information available and early exposure to new ideas.
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Latin America Bureau
The Latin America Bureau is an independent research and publishing organisation. It works to broaden public understanding of issues of human rights and social and economic justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. LAB has a unique role in producing books which cover the entire region for a non-specialist public, as well as country and topic-specific publications.
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Macmillan Caribbean
Macmillan is one of the world's leading publishers for the Caribbean, The Bahamas and Bermuda. For over thirty years we have specialised in the publication of books for and about the Caribbean in all subjects and at all levels; from infant to tertiary education and a wide range of titles of general interests.
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The mission of Masindo Reference is to provide the widest selection of quality reference directories, books, videos and other products relating to sustainable investment and development in Indonesia, ASEAN and the Asia/Pacific region.
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