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Falklands seabird monitoring results
MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, 13 August 2022 (MercoPress) - The Falkland Islands Seabird Monitoring Programme (FISMP) has been running for just over 30 years, surveying a number of the Islands’ important seabird populations for conservation assessments, but also as measures of the health of the marine environment.

How serious is fire risk to island seabirds?
SAN FRANCISCO, US, 12 August 2022 (Mongabay) - A new study suggests that fires on remote islands in southwest Australia pose a rising threat to short-tailed shearwaters and other seabirds as climate change creates hotter and drier conditions. However, a seabird and island expert not connected with the study disagrees that fire currently poses a major threat, since seabirds have been known to rebound from fires, even after the loss of their fledglings and burrows.

Australian donated island property embroiled in First Nations dispute
LONDON, UK, 12 August 2022 (Guardian) - A property donated by the family of renowned satirist and comedian John Clarke has become embroiled in a long-running dispute between two First Nations groups in Victoria. The land on Phillip Island, about 120km south-east of Melbourne, was donated by Clarke’s widow, Helen McDonald, to conservation group Trust for Nature after his death in 2017.

New wave energy structure generating power off King Island
ADELAIDE, Australia, 12 August 2022 (Cosmos) - A concrete and steel structure anchored off the coast of Tasmania’s King Island is creating waves around the world. The 200kW wave energy converter – the UniWave200 – operates by forming an “artificial blowhole” and is the world’s first unidirectional oscillating water column (OWC). The Australian company behind the technology, Wave Swell Energy, has just completed a year-long trial that has been hailed by the King Island Mayor Julie Arnold as a “huge success”.

The race to protect Round Island
LONDON, UK, 12 August 2022 (Guardian) - As the boat weaves between the jagged rocks of the Scilly archipelago off the coast of Cornwall, Round Island, uninhabited but for a lonely Victorian lighthouse, comes into view. Those on board preparing for their visit are not armed with cameras and binoculars but with buckets of toxic cereal bait and rat traps.

Lack of infrastructure on Southern Moreton Bay Islands
BRISBANE, Australia, 12 August 2022 (ABC) - The Southern Moreton Bay Islands sit in the middle of a picturesque marine park that's home to turtles and dugong, protected from the open sea by North Stradbroke Island and just an hour from the Brisbane. But residents of the islands say behind the beauty, social and physical infrastructure has fallen drastically short of what is required in the face of a dramatic population boom.

Islands of the World XVII conference 14-18 June, 2021, St. John's, Newfoundland

Greening the Islands e_Convention 19-21 Oct, 2021

COP 26
UN Climate Change Conference 1-12 Nov, 2021, Glasgow, UK

Our Ocean Conference 13-14 April, 2022, Palau

Island Finance Forum 25-29 April, 2022

Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum 17-18 May, 2022, Rhodes, Greece 

Stockholm+50 international environmental meeting 2-3 June, 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

Islands of the World XVIII conference 13-17 June, 2022, Zadar, Croatia

Island Studies International Conference "Creativity, Ingenuity, and Practice" 22-25 June, 2022, Shetland, UK

UN Ocean Conference 27 June-1 July, 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

Virtual Island Summit 26 Sept-2 Oct, 2022

UN Biodiversity Conference  (COP 15) 5-17 Dec, 2022, Montreal, Canada

5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress 3-9 Feb, 2023, Vancouver, Canada

Islands in Relations: Conflicts, Sustainability and Peace thematic conference 4-6 April 2023, Osaka, Japan

13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 6-16 June, 2024, Honolulu, Hawaii