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Panama delays promised relocation of sinking island community
LONDON, UK, 17 April 2024 (Mongabay) - The government of Panama continues to delay the process of relocating almost 1,300 Indigenous Guna inhabitants from an island experiencing rising sea levels due to climate change. The lack of space on the tiny Caribbean island of Gardi Sugdub means there’s no room to relocate, and a new site on the mainland for the community has been in the works since 2019.

Something is killing Saint Helena's cloud forest
VICTORIA, Canada, 17 April 2024 (Hakai) - A deadly water mold - a relative of the pathogen that causes potato blight - is devastating what’s left of the South Atlantic island’s endemic black cabbage trees.

Sumatra villages count cost of deadly river tsunami
SOUTH PESISIR, Indonesia, 17 April 2024 (Mongabay) - Several days of extreme rainfall beginning March 7 triggered fatal flash flooding across Indonesia’s West Sumatra province, resulting in at least 30 deaths and devastating villages on the fringe of Kerinci Seblat National Park. Deforestation upstream of the affected areas has exacerbated the risk of landslides and flash floods, according to officials.

Hyundai ends aluminum deal with Adaro Minerals
JAKARTA, Indonesia, 17 April 2024 (Mongabay) - South Korean automobile giant Hyundai has ended an agreement with Adaro Minerals, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s second-largest coal miner, PT Adaro Energy, to procure aluminum for its electric vehicle (EV) production. The decision came on the heels of campaigns by K-pop fans who urged Hyundai to back out of the agreement and to avoid sourcing aluminum from Adaro since it will be produced using coal power.

Turning excess seaweed into an agroecology solution
NEW YORK, US, 16 April 2024 (Mongabay) - Sargassum, a type of brown macroalgae, has been inundating beaches across the Caribbean since 2011. It comes from the Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. The seaweed has harmed Caribbean economies and human health, making it a national emergency in some island-nations. Over the past decade, entrepreneurs and scientists have found ways to turn sargassum into nutrient-rich biofertilizers, biostimulants and other organic products to boost agricultural yields while cutting back on chemicals.

Research team shows island bats are valuable allies for farmers
OXFORD, UK, 16 April 2024 (Phys.org) - A new study has highlighted how the three bat species that live on Madeira can be valuable allies for farmers, by feeding on important agricultural pests. The findings demonstrate that encouraging bat species can be a win-win for both conservation efforts and local farmers.

2nd Caribbean Conservation Finance Congress 27-28 July, 2023, Bridgetown, Barbados

18th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 30 Aug-2 Sept, 2023, Athens, Greece

4th Forum The Azores, The Atlantic and the Global Challenges 7-10 Sept, 2023, Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal

11th symposium 28-30 Sept, 2023, Jelsa, island of Hvar, Croatia

International Coastal Symposium 3-6 Oct, 2023, Taipei, Taiwan

Turning the Tide: Climate Change, Social Change, and Islandness conference 23-26, Oct, 2023, Oranjestad, Aruba

9th Our Ocean Conference 15-17 April 2024, Athens, Greece

Fourth Pacific Ocean Pacific Climate Change Conference, 20-24 May 2024, Apia, Samoa

Global Sustainable Islands Summit 21-23 May, 2024, Prince Edward Island, Canada

4th International Conference on Small Island Developing States 27-30 May 2024, Antigua and Barbuda

13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 6-16 June, 2024, Honolulu, Hawaii

North Atlantic Forum bi-annual international conference 17-21 June, 2024, Connemara, Ireland, 

19th Islands of the World Conference 25-29 June, 2024, Lombok Island, Indonesia

1st Islands Water Congress 4-6 Sept, 2024, Torshavn, Faroe Islands