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Lack of resolution mechanisms allow palm oil conflicts to fester
JAKARTA, Indonesia, 29 November 2021 (Mongabay) - An analysis of land conflicts involving palm oil companies in Indonesia, the world’s biggest producer of the commodity, shows the country lacks effective mechanisms for addressing these problems.

Portugal establishes the largest fully protected MPA in Europe
WASHINGTON, US, 29 November 2021 (Nat.Geog) - Today the government of Portugal expanded a marine protected area around the Selvagens Islands, creating the largest fully protected marine reserve in Europe at 2,677 square kilometers. The Selvagens islands are a small archipelago in the North Atlantic located midway between Madeira and the Canary Islands.

Insects on islands face challenges from growing human intrusion
SANTA CRUZ, US, 29 November 2021 (Mongabay) - Oceanic islands host 50 percent of the world’s endangered species, but human activities can greatly disturb these isolated ecosystems. The number and diversity of insects and other invertebrate species decrease on islands dedicated to urban development or tourism, according to a new study in the Maldives.

Nurdles: the worst toxic waste you've probably never heard of
LONDON, UK, 29 November 2021 (Guardian) - When the X-Press Pearl container ship caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean in May, Sri Lanka was terrified that the vessel’s 350 tonnes of heavy fuel oil would spill into the ocean, causing an environmental disaster for the country’s pristine coral reefs and fishing industry.

Queen of Barbados - but just for one last day
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, 29 November 2021 (BBC) - At midnight, Barbados will become the world's newest republic and in doing so removes the Queen as its head of state.

The underwater 'kites' generating electricity as they move
TORSHAVN, Faroe Islands, 29 November 2021 (BBC) - A pair of sleek, winged machines are "flying" - or at least swimming - beneath the dark waters of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. Known as "sea dragons" or "tidal kites", they look like aircraft, but these are in fact high-tech tidal turbines, generating electricity from the power of the ocean.

Canary Islands draw more migrants despite dangers
BONN, Germany, 28 November 2021 (DW) - A lack of prospects exacerbated by the pandemic has been leading tens of thousands of Africans to make the dangerous crossing to Spain's Canary Islands. It remains unclear how many have died in the attempt.

Pacific Ocean Climate Change Conference 27-29 May, 2020, Apia, Samoa

Island Feminisms Conference Jan-April 2021, Hilo, Hawaii

5th International St Magnus Conference 14-16 April, 2021, Lerwick, Shetland

Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum 20-21 May, 2021 

Islands of the World XVII conference 14-18 June, 2021, St. John's, Newfoundland

Caribbean Conservation Finance Congress 6-8 July 2021 in virtual format

'The island–insularity, archipelagos–a geophilosophical issue' A Summer University, 10-14 July, 2020, Rhodes, Greece

Archipelagic Memory: Intersecting Geographies, Histories and Disciplines conference 4-6 August, 2020, Reduit, Mauritius

World Conservation Congress 3-11 Sept, 2021, Marseille, France

Virtual Island Summit 6-12 Sept, 2021

Greening the Islands e_Convention 19-21 Oct, 2021

COP 26
UN Climate Change Conference 1-12 Nov, 2021, Glasgow, UK

Islands of the World XVIII conference 13-17 June, 2022, Zadar, Croatia

13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture 6-16 June, 2024, Honolulu, Hawaii